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The First and Only Scientifically Customized Bulking Program That Tells You Precisely When to Transition From Phase to Phase So You Can Eat Like a Lion and Maintain Your Sixpack
IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Reveals How You Will Create an Unstoppable Freight Train of Rebound Muscle Growth Over and Over Again

By Benjamin Pakulski

It sounds strange, but traditional bulking could actually KILL your muscle building - dead!...

Its true… and I’ll tell you why.

Outdated diet methods actually destroy the hormones that are responsible for making you huge!...

Which means that guys like you and me just get FAT, tired and get nowhere fast when we try to “bulk.”

And even so-called experts that think they’ve discovered the solution are still missing the essential formula that effortlessly customizes your diet for optimal muscle growth. Without it... you’re just guessing, and you’re leaving pounds of lean muscle on the table...

Read below and I’ll tell you how to customize your muscle building diet to YOUR body so you can create an unstoppable freight train of “rebound” growth...

pack on muscle

Personally, I have the tendency to add fat pretty easily thanks to my parents feeding me like I was sponsored by Ronald Mcdonald as a child…

So, typical muscle building diets never worked well for me. I’ve always needed to be intelligent and think outside the box.

The innovative bulking strategy I now use — and that I share with you below — came to me after struggling for years to add muscle without looking like a complete butterball. No matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to gain fat when I followed typical advice of most of the “experts” out there. I blamed bad genetics.

I have worked with hundreds of clients in bodybuilding, physique and figure contest preparation… and it seems we ALL were cursed with “bad genetics”.

The truth is, its not so much bad genetics, as bad GENE EXPRESSION -- from poor dietary choices and more importantly, the wrong choices at the wrong times. (this is the newly discovered science of epigenetics).

The solution to adding maximum lean muscle, while staying lean at the same time is a phenomenon I noticed AFTER a period of relative exhaustion or depletion (such as after a contest).

Before After

“Average people” seemed to gain extraordinary amounts of muscle in really short periods of time and not gain an ounce of fat when the weight gain proceeded these periods of exhaustion. They all saw a SUPER COMPENSATION of muscle and weight gain in just a few short weeks. I’m talking gaining as much as 15 lbs of pure muscle in as little as 4 weeks and not an ounce of fat to show for it.

So I started thinking… “Why the heck am I waiting until AFTER the contest to make this happen?...” How can we replicate this phenomenon all year long…?

I began digging deeper into understanding what was taking place behind the scenes — the metabolism and metabolic function causing these huge surges of muscle — and I started to uncover the simple, yet incredibly powerful cause…

The Science of MASSIVE Muscle Growth Surges
(and How YOU Can Reprogram Your Body To Create Them Over and Over Again)


It’s not just that bodybuilders and physique athletes simply start hammering down as many calories as they can, then magically grow out of control...

What happens during their crazy post-exhaustive muscle growth surges is much more exciting…

Their bodies have actually become MUCH more effective and efficient at using and taking up hormones and nutrients into the muscle...

Without even knowing it, they turn themselves into the perfect hormonal storm for massive muscle growth. To be honest, they almost can’t even stop the freight train of rebound muscle gain...

Now, I simply studied and codified EXACTLY how to re-create that perfect hormonal storm over and over again, so when you get the exact timing right, you can put on as much muscle as you want, without packing on the fat…

EXACTLY How to Create the Perfect Hormonal Storm — over &
over again — To Pack on as Much Muscle as YOU Want, Without The Fat…

Here’s what happens in your body when you follow my personal “cyclical bulking” strategy…

When training in a depleted state — like a bodybuilder does when dieting for a show — your body is forced to become more efficient…

You’re training hard, with fewer calories than your body requires for optimal performance and you keep pushing through those hard workouts like a goal-driven beast.

Your body is using its reserves — glycogen and stored fat — as fuel just to meet the demands you place on it. Your muscle cells are forced to become more effective at using glycogen (carbohydrate), and your mitochondria learn to become more efficient at using fat for fuel.

This is all a natural adaptation that EVERYONE undergoes in response to a caloric deficit or period of nutrient depletion. Think of it as “nutrient resensitization”.

Even if you did NOTHING for a few days, and you were in a carbohydrate depleted state, your body would experience this nutrient resensitization. Now, imagine you were actually training...

Your body will learn to use nutrients like a superstar! Even as well as those superhuman freak bodybuilders and fitness models who can eat anything and still be ripped.


The harder you work in that depleted state, the greater the “rebound” will be in the “Growth” Cycle that follows... IF you time it right


The Secret Signal That Creates Natural Growth Spurts

Now, it’s clear that growth is NOT linear… it never has been.

The body grows in bursts. Many people make the mistake of trying to do the same thing for too long and hoping that they will grow perpetually.

Think of a child growing up, it’s a fluctuation between stagnation and growth spurts. Your biology is made to support large bursts of growth, but cannot sustain it for months, weeks or even DAYS at a time.

People following the Forever Bulk mindset will learn this lesson in the form of disappointing muscle gains and excessive fat gain.

Truth is, if you want to gain massive amounts of muscle, you have to learn how to create your own growth spurts.

The body has to really be convinced to put on muscle. It’s a metabolically and calorically expensive process.

Muscle weighs a lot, and requires a lot of work from your body. So when you send the signal to grow more muscle to your body, it can’t be a whisper, it has to be the ROAR of a Lion.

That is how you get huge surges of muscle growth. Yet you can only keep “roaring” for so long. Then your roar will turn into a whimper and things go to hell...

However, everyone is different. And your body will react in a very unique way that requires you to spend more or less time bulking or resensitizing your body for muscle growth.

So creating UNLIMITED growth spurts only works if you get the timing right, which I’ll tell you about in a minute. First, you have to understand what happens when you get it wrong...


The type of traditional “bulking” methods used by millions of men around the world to pack on a few measly pounds of muscle might be destroying your gains… PERMANENTLY.

Maybe you’ve experienced something like this before... You want to pack on some new muscle mass. And after consulting with the local muscle-bound meathead, you were advised, “you just gotta eat more.”

So you set out on a quest to increase your calories — by any means necessary — in the hopes of packing on a few solid pounds of muscle that might actually have people take notice.

For 98% of guys, that kind of indiscriminate eating just leads to indiscriminate fat gain.


Remember that meathead you consulted? He’s one of less than 2% of guys who can eat what they want and still stay shredded. Yet they are the ones you end up asking for advice because you think they have some “secret”. Far from it...

Eating the way they do will not only make you fat, but it could be permanently destroy any chance you have of EVER gaining muscle.

You see, you end up destroying your insulin sensitivity, and permanently decreasing your body’s ability to produce and use testosterone.

This is why such a large percentage of men over 35 years old end up resorting to HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy, just to enjoy a decent quality of life and be able to have sex with their wife. Sounds like a very meager existence that I’m sure most of us would love to avoid...


Creating a lasting VIGOR for life requires optimal body function, lean and tight abs, and a sex drive that won’t quit. To sustain these things, you need to ensure your body never shuts down and loses the hormones it needs for you to live an awesome life.

Unfortunately, VERY few people even realize this is possible after destroying their bodies with poor food, chemicals and inadequate exercise protocols from a young age. Sorry, guys. Its true.

Listen, very few guys have even HEARD of an intelligent approach to packing on muscle. For most folks, bulking up becomes an excuse to be lazy, and eat whatever the hell they want…

In America most guys grow up playing football. Drinking beer, eating chicken wings and being fat and lazy is almost expected and part of the culture. Thats cool if you want to look like an NFL lineman, but most of us want to look like we workout when we take our shirt off, NOT look like we throw around 320 lb men for a living.

Gaining WEIGHT is cool when you’re 15 years old, but that’s not enough now, right? Not anymore…


So… You will not eat whatever you want and let yourself pack on ugly and manhood-killing body fat. You will not hide behind that feeble excuse: “I’m bulking”...

Listen, its cool to eat what you want sometimes, but knowing WHEN to do it, and HOW to prepare for it is what being an alpha male is all about. Be the guy that guys want to be and chicks want to be with!

Traditional style of bulking is so outdated, I’ve seen competitors put on 40 to 50 lbs in the off-season and then come in smaller the next competition. And I’ve seen regular guys do the same thing, except they “dieted down” for summer or a beach vacation instead.

HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN? How can you possibly lose muscle by eating more calories?!

Well, its quite simple once you “get it”.

Conventional bulking makes very little sense to your body’s physiology and i will outline exactly why...

Here’s a look at just a few of the things that happen to your body when you follow the traditional long term bulking strategies…

Traditional Bulking Side-Effect #1:

You Look Terrible, You Feel Worse & Your Workouts Suck

Too much junkie-processed food will increase inflammation all over your body. A side-effect of your constant overfeeding and poor food-quality choices — you look bloated, feel lethargic, and your workouts start to tank….fast.

You suffer from crappy sleep quality. Your recovery sucks. And you’re likely developing leaky gut from all of the inflammatory foods causing increased permeability of the intestinal walls (bad news!)

Side-Effect 1
Traditional Bulking Side-Effect #2:

Your love handles are growing more than your muscles

Guys who go down the road of traditional bulking end up on a slippery slope of hormonal dysfunction and body fat accumulation. The first telltale sign that your gains have halted and your hormones are tanking is fat accumulation around the waist. Even as much as a 1” inch gain on your waist is correlated with a 50% decrease in function of the hormone insulin and ultimately drives cortisol to the moon.

Constantly elevated insulin levels can lead to lean tissue no longer using insulin properly. When you can’t use insulin well, you can’t get glucose and amino acids in the muscle. This means your excess calories go straight to your fat cells and you don’t have the energy you need inside the muscle to fuel kickass workouts.

Many people take this lack of energy for workouts to mean that they don't have enough food, when in reality its just the opposite. They have so much food that their body is no longer choosing to accept the nutrients into the muscle where it needs it.

Fat cells are 4x more likely to take up sugar than muscle cells so when sugar is left to float around the blood stream due to resistant muscle cells, it will almost always end up as stored fat.

Side-Effect 2
Traditional Bulking Side-Effect #3:

You Reprogram Your Body To Store
Fat (Instead of Building Muscle)

Did you know that fat cells are responsible for the creation and synthesis of the enzyme Aromatase that converts free testosterone into estrogen?

When you follow traditional bulking advice, fat gain is inevitable.

The more fat you have, the more of this enzyme that is naturally occurring in your blood and therefore your estrogen to testosterone ratio skyrockets forcing rapid fat gain and feminization of men.

Ever heard a woman say that men just aren't as manly as they used to be? Or that they want a REAL man? Well, if you're following a traditional bulk, you may not make the cut either.

The leaner you stay on a bulk, the better.

Side-Effect 3
Traditional Bulking Side-Effect #4:

The Muscle Pumps of a Limp Noodle
and the motivation of dry toast.

That’s what you can look forward to on the “Forever Bulk” plan…

Things may feel awesome at first on high calorie plan but this will quickly fade.

All of your anabolic hormones work cyclically. Meaning they require periods of elevation and periods of suppression. In order to build large amounts of muscle in short periods of time, you must force these peaks and valleys into their extremes. Really high highs, and really low lows.

Insulin is the most anabolic muscle building hormone in the body when its effectively being used by the muscle cells, and when its not effectively being used by muscle cells, rest assured it's still just as anabolic to your fat cells. Insulin is highest when calories are highest.

Human Growth Hormone is at its peak concentration during periods of extreme insulin and calorie deprivation. This can increase IGF-1 and maximize fat loss.

Testosterone requires cholesterol to be synthesized, but is highest during periods of low stress and thus requires natural fluctuations in high versus low stress periods to maximize its function as well.

Cortisol is actually a fat loss hormone that gives us immediate energy. The hormone gets a bad rap due to its very negative potential when allowed to remain constantly elevated. If cortisol remains high, fat accumulation, exhaustion, and poor sleep will result.

As you can see, fluctuation of workload, calorie intake and stress levels are absolutely necessary to optimize the muscle building and physique enhancement hormones of the body.

Side-Effect 4

Long story short… building massive amounts of muscle is BY NO MEANS an excuse to get fat…

Don’t be the human balloon guy that blows up in the off season gaining mostly bodyfat and shrivels to nothing when its time to lean up.

The bottom line is: You don’t gain that much muscle. Traditional bulking methods tell your body to put on muscle with a whisper at best. If you want to pack on serious muscle you need to scream to your muscles like a banshee, “GROW”.

How You Are Going To AVOID Killing Your Anabolic Hormones — While Enjoying Unlimited Cycles of Rapid Muscle Building

So, your body just shuts down your muscle building machinery when you try to “bulk”!...

What’s your solution?

You’re going to train in a state of deprivation for as short a period of time that is necessary. to accomplish the goal of resensitizing to insulin, and dropping bodyfat to a level that allows for maximum hormone utilization.

Listen, the leaner you are, the easier it is for your body to shuttle nutrients into muscle tissue. So when you do eat high calories for bulking, you can eat really high calories.

So when you bulk, you don’t “whisper” to your body that it should grow. You ROAR like a lion!... And your body has no choice but to respond.

Your Solution: Scientifically Calculated "Cyclical Bulking"

The idea of cyclical bulking has been around for a while. In fact, you may have heard of it or even tried it in the past…

Quite simply, it’s alternating between periods of extreme bulking and short sprints of extreme cutting. And it is the ONLY way to continue building muscle quickly over an extended period of time, without risking the collapse of your muscle building hormonal profile.

However, it has always been hit or miss because no one bothered to figure out exactly how long each of your cycles should last…

I’ve seen so called experts recommend 2 weeks of bulking and 1 week of cutting, 6 weeks of bulking and 2 weeks of cutting, all the way up to 4 months of bulking and 1 month of cutting, and everything in between!

How confusing is that? Surely there’s an OPTIMAL timeframe we can use, right?

That’s exactly what I wanted to know. And it lead me to discover the exact FORMULA that tells you precisely when YOU need to switch from one phase to the next…

I’ll share more on that below. First, I want to tell you more about the two distinct cycles you’ll need to follow for maximum growth...

Incredible Bulk

The EASIEST Step-By-Step Scientific DIET FORMULA to QUICKLY Pack On MASSIVE New Muscle Without the Fat, or the Anabolic Slowdown Caused By Traditional Bulking

I can’t wait for you to experience the hormonal muscle building storm of the Incredible Bulk system…

Because you’re priming your system to create the perfect environment for super-human growth, you’ll enjoy as much as 14 lbs of new muscle in your first 4-Week Cycle. And as much as 30 lbs of new muscle in only 12 weeks!...

You’ll start by first resetting your hormones and metabolism for your first massive growth spurt. Then, when you hit your numbers, you’ll cycle into a state of mind blowing hyper-growth...

And that’s why the Incredible Bulk makes it so easy to pack on as much muscle as you want. The program tells you EXACTLY when to transition from one cycle to the next so you NEVER STOP GROWING — while you actually maintain or even uncover your six pack!...

The “done-for-you” formula allows you to quickly and repeatedly add POUNDS of muscle to your frame WITHOUT putting on the fat or suffering the dreaded anabolic slowdown of traditional bulking…


That’s the beauty of my proprietary Cyclical Bulking system and calculations…

You never have to wonder if you’re still growing. All you have to do is follow the formula and use my two done-for-you Cycles and you are guaranteed to grow beyond what you thought was your genetic limit.

shevs circle Cyclical Bulking
RESET Phase:

Prime Your Metabolism For Monstrous Growth

This is where you set yourself up for a MASSIVE growth spurt, beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. I use the exact techniques I discovered during my observation of the shocking “rebound effect” physique competitors get after a show.

After reviewing all the existing research and then re-testing everything on dozens of elite physique athletes, I figured out the step-by-step RESET Cycle that delivers you...

free launch free launch
Incredible Insulin Sensitivity

Your muscle cells will literally become sponges ready to devour all the nutrients you put in your body. Better insulin sensitivity also decreases your circulating insulin levels, lowering your cortisol, inflammation, and leptin so that you’re system is reset for massive growth...

Increased Fatty Acid Metabolism

You’ll never be embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach, because your body fat will plummet during the RESET phase. And you’ll also prime your body to use of fat for fuel — eliminating muscle loss during the Cycle.

Appetite Reset

When you cycle to your Growth Phase, your appetite will be at its peak, and you’ll happily devour the necessary calories for massive muscle building.

Increased Growth Hormone

The nutrient timing and training guidelines for the RESET phase naturally stimulate the upregulation of your Growth Hormone — again, priming you for growth in your next phase.

Decreased Inflammation

Decreased inflammation improves recovery for high volume and high frequency training — your key to your next growth spurt...

Improved Mitochondrial Efficiency

Your fat burning enzymes and energy production will go through the roof. You’ll create more energy for training and become more efficient with your fuel sources. Increased expression of fat-burning genes and enzymes let your body use more fat for fuel at rest, so you can stay anabolic longer.

circle Cyclical Bulking
Massive Biological Signaling For Rapid Growth

Now, you’ll enter the most shocking period of hyper-growth humanly possible. All your hormonal and metabolic growth factors are firing at 110%. And you’re going to send them an overwhelming signal to build massive amounts of new muscle.

Do not be surprised if you experience noticeable growth from one day to the next. You’ll literally be taking advantage of every single hypertrophy factor that modern science has proven to work. I’ve researched it all and selected ONLY the most effective and powerful methods and principles to create one massive growth spurt after another.

Here’s some of what you’ll experience...

Max Anabolic
Effect of Insulin

Your extreme insulin sensitivity will literally push the critical carbohydrates and amino acids into your muscle cells for growth. You’ll enjoy increased nutrient uptake by lean muscle tissue, and minimal calories stored as fat.

Increased Activation
of mTORc1

You may not have heard of this crucial muscle building pathway. Yet the mTOR pathway is the most studied and proven for increasing muscle protein synthesis. This is the key to using protein for building muscle rather than just excess calories. And it’s primed and ready to rock following your RESET phase.

Increased Free Testosterone

The switch to the exact GROWTH Phase nutrition will create a massive surge of free testosterone. Which means you’ll enjoy a shorter recovery time and increased growth response from training. Testosterone is a key signaling hormone for protein synthesis.

Increased Training
Volume and Frequency

Because your cells are superstars at absorbing nutrients, your hormones are primed for growth, and you are following the precise GROWTH Phase diet, you will be able to train harder and more often, taking advantage of improved recovery and higher calories. Bigger, better, and more frequent stimulus for muscle growth.

The Incredible Bulk system tells you exactly when to switch from RESET to GROWTH Phase and back again. So you never have to wonder if you are growing as fast — or faster — than your genetic limit.

muscle gain

It’s a no brainer when you think about it…

With the Incredible Bulk, you don’t even have to put any thought into it. You are either charging forward at one extreme or the other — no more monkeying around in the middle for mediocre results. And I tell you exactly when to switch back and forth…

And you NEVER have to endure the horrible experience of 12 weeks of nasty deprivation dieting just to get ready for the beach or the stage. You’re never more than 3-4 weeks from a six pack!...

Plus, you’ll constantly feel energetic, have huge pumps, and look forward to every workout…

Listen, I know from experience that isn’t the case with traditional bulk and cut systems…

Following the “old rules” of bulking, all I ever wanted to do was sleep. I had to take stimulants hand over fist just to psyche myself up for my workouts! Then I’d spend weeks of cutting with terrible pumps, nosediving strength, and zero energy.

That’s because I was working against my body and it’s natural cycles of growth and hormonal reset. And that all changes with the Incredible Bulk system...

However, The Incredible Bulk is Not For Everyone

Listen, the Incredible Bulk will work for everyone. Period. It’s based in real science and thoroughly tested. However, not everyone is made for the Incredible Bulk…


Before you go any further, make sure you don’t suffer from one of the common failings on that list. If you do, you’ll just be wasting your time on the Incredible Bulk. Yet if not, you’re ready!...


Now, You Can Use The Exact Same Cyclical Bulking System I Use To Prep for My Own Bodybuilding Shows, and Charge a Minimum of $3000 to My Private Clients For… At a Fraction of the Cost…

Now, although I love to watch the effects of my Incredible Bulk system at work on my personal clients, the reality is I just don’t have time to train very many people anymore…

In fact, I only take on clients with a very strong personal recommendation. And even then I have to refuse most referrals. And those I do take on are paying me $3000 for every 4-month training cycle.

And that’s why I decided to release the entire system in this simple done-for-you format that is absolutely affordable for everyone.

Not only is it affordable, but I actually guarantee your results. Because I’ve seen it work for men and women of every fitness level, age and body type, I know it will work for you. Which is why I’m happy to give you my iron-clad 100% money back guarantee. You’ve got 60 days — enough time to go through at least two Incredible Bulk cycles — and if you decide it’s not working for you, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny.

First I want to introduce…

The Complete Incredible Bulk System
PLUS The Free Bonuses You’ll Receive Now

The Incredible Bulk Diet

Get ready to put your lean muscle growth into overdrive. This manual lays out both cycles — The RESET Phase and The GROWTH Phase — in easy to understand done-for-you instructions of what to eat, how much, and when.

It will also teach you exactly how to know when your body is ready to switch from one cycle to the next, and back again.

This is the precise, step-by-step guide to mastering the same system I use myself when I need to get huge for a show. And that I use with all my top physique athlete clients.

Nothing is left out.

diet plan
diet plan
The Incredible Bulk Supplement Stacks

I’ll be upfront with you… if you want optimal muscle building results you’re going to have to invest in some supplements.

However, I’ll tell you exactly which ones you need to be taking in each phase (they are different). And I’ll make sure you avoid those that are a total waste of your time and your money.

Listen, I’m not going to try to peddle specific companies or supplement lines on you. I’m going to give you the no-BS info you need to make your own choices, and pick the highest quality supplements within your budget.

The Incredible Bulk Workout Guide For Pure Massive Muscle

If your goal is hardcore massive muscle gains then this guide shows you exactly how you need to structure your workouts for maximum gains using the Incredible Bulk diet.

I’ll share the workout secrets you need to build the kind of massive physique that sets you apart on stage, or simply ensures you’re the biggest dude in your gym!...

You’ll discover every training variable necessary for massive growth, all laid out in a simple to follow guide. And you’ll receive a complete week of done-for-you workouts to get you started.

diet plan
Take Action Now and You Also Receive Over $97 In Valuable FREE Bonuses That Make The System Even Quicker and Easier
The Incredible Bulk Web App (Beta Tester Access)
$29.95 Value <--- Yours FREE Today Only

You’re getting this before ANYONE else. And you’re getting upgraded for FREE.

The Web App is designed to completely put your Incredible Bulk cycling on auto-pilot. All you need to do is regularly plug in your stats, and the App will tell you precisely when it’s time to switch cycles — right down to the day.

You never have to guess if you’re following the optimal growth cycles. It’s all done-for-you!

diet plan
diet plan
Ben’s Personal Grocery Shopping List For Massive Size

Hey, I know grocery shopping is a pain in the ass. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly which foods are going to support your plan, and just have a simple list you can take to the store?

You got it!... I’m giving you the exact grocery list I personally take to the store with me, so I don’t forget to pick up any of my essential anabolic ingredients.

This is going to save you a ton of time and money!

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You Don’t Have To Decide Today — You’ve Got ZERO Risk With My Iron Clad 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Here’s to your most rapid muscle building ever, without the fat! Ben Pakulski signature